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Indian wedding photography is my passion

I absolutely adore capturing the vibrancy and richness of Indian wedding photography. Indian weddings are a burst of colors, traditions, and celebrations that truly engage all the senses. These weddings are my favorite to photograph!

My name is David, I’m a dedicated NJ Indian wedding photographer. I’m dedicated to documenting the intricate beauty of Indian weddings and the incredible stories that are within them.

Indian wedding ceremonies span across multiple days, featuring various events like the sangeet, mehndi, baraat, the main ceremony, and the reception. While these festivities used to stretch over months in the past, nowadays they are more compact due to time constraints, often happening one after the other.

From the heartfelt moments at the beginning to the joyous celebrations that follow, every instant is brimming with emotion and energy. As your trusted NJ Indian wedding photographer, I make sure to capture these priceless moments for you to cherish forever. When I’m behind the lens, you can trust that these memories will be beautifully preserved.


From mehndi to vows, my Indian wedding photos tell your unique story. Check out our work below!

Why hire Me for your indian wedding Photography.


Capturing the vibrant colors of Indian weddings through focusing on embracing full range of hues in the scene. With the experience and tools we’ve gathered over the years, I strive to capture the lively moments, colors, and emotions that make your Indian wedding truly special.


I don’t just capture wedding moments; I infuse them with creativity. By seeking out unique reflections, foregrounds, backgrounds, and using creative lighting techniques, I create extraordinary imagery for Indian Weddings.


I’ve covered numerous Indian weddings over the eyears in NYC, NJ, and PA. Whether Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Punjabi, or Gujarati. I understand what matters to you and your families.

the wedding day


Baraat or Varayatra is a groom’s wedding procession in the Indian tradition. The groom, along with his family, travels to the wedding venue on a mare. The baraat can be a big procession with its band, dancers, and budget.


The ceremony photos capture personal, emotional moments of the bride and groom’s reactions. Instead of rushing, focus on each ritual to fully experience the moment. This approach helps the couple savor the moment while the photographer captures their emotions.


The reception is a great chance for the bride and groom to meet everyone and snap photos together. The wedding photographer captures natural interactions among guests for cherished photos. With the festive vibe, expect wonderful pictures. The skilled photographer is unobtrusive. After the formalities, enjoy a lively dance party where the photographer captures celebrations, dance battles, and moments.

Stunning collection of photos that perfectly reflected our personalities and the love we share.




You want your Indian wedding day to be filled with genuine, heartwarming moments captured by New Jersey Indian wedding photographers. Imagine sharing your love story and being able reminisce with loved ones who shaped you but weren’t able to attend.

Allow yourself to feel the warmth and excitement of your wedding day by living in the moment. my role as your photographer is to creatively document your joyful wedding memories.

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