Where To Propose In New York City For Beautiful Photos

As one of the most iconic cities in the world, New York City is not short of beautiful locations for your proposal. As wedding photographers in New York, we’ve made a list of where to propose in New York City for beautiful photos. 

Where to propose in New York City: In the hustle and bustle

The city offers both sweeping metropolitan views and refreshing green spaces. These are the most breathtaking spaces in the heart of the city to propose to your person.

Central Park

This popular green haven in the big city is well-loved for a reason. It offers hundreds of acres of grass, trees, and ponds that create a peaceful atmosphere perfect for popping the big question. 

The High Line

If you prefer sweeping views, this former rail line has an unmatched view of the surrounding skyscrapers, the Hudson River, and the bustling city below. You’ll get the best of both worlds with the surrounding native plants, too.

Grand Central Terminal

For lovers of grand architecture and rich history, this iconic train station is a hub of activity. We love the Whispering Gallery for those who want a soft and subtle way to propose to your significant other. 

Other New York proposal locations

If you hope to leave the sleepless city for a bit of peace and quiet, we can help there too. Our favorite proposal location is just outside of the city proper, but it’s worth the short journey. 

Staten Island Ferry

This ferry departs over 100 times a day and is free. But the best part has to be the views of the city’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Hop on this 25-minute ride and soak up the views, then pop the question just when your significant other thinks it can’t get any better.

Pier 35

Just on the edge of the city, this park sits on the East River and has incredible views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. This is our favorite New York proposal location because the sunset views are almost unbelievable. And your pictures will be even more dreamy.

Looking for more ideas about where to propose in New York City?

Being a couple of New York and New Jersey wedding photographers, we know the city’s most picturesque locations like the back of our hands. Get in touch so we can capture your proposal in one of these stunning New York proposal locations.

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