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A Backyard Wedding Checklist For An Elegant Event

Between the impressive flexibility and emotional value, getting married on your family’s property is a sentimental, yet cost-effective way to celebrate this milestone in your lives. But that doesn’t make the logistics any less complicated. As wedding photographers in New York and New Jersey who have seen a backyard wedding or two, we’ve put together a backyard wedding checklist to make sure not a detail goes unnoticed. 

A logistical checklist for backyard weddings

Yard setup and landscaping

For your backyard wedding venue, spend some time leading up to your date considering things like landscaping and floor plans for your event. Whereas floor plans and transitions from one part of the wedding to the next will be taken care of with traditional wedding venues, private residences will require more care to create a seamless transition. 

It will also be important that your backyard space is manicured and level enough to accommodate chairs, tables, and of course, a dance floor. Tent rentals are a great way to ensure that you have a dedicated space for each part of your wedding, plus the rental team can help level the ground for you. 

Neighborhood permits and parking

Before you host an event at your home, we recommend checking your local ordinances and regulations with city officials. Sometimes, vendors may even require additional paperwork regarding your private residence and neighborhood, so be sure to include your wedding planner in all communications with vendors and officials.

You’ll also want to be aware of your neighborhood parking rules. If your community has strict guidelines about when and where street parking is allowed, we recommend directing guests to park in a nearby lot or booking a valet service for a luxurious touch.

Power and equipment

It’s likely that your home won’t be equipped to facilitate the electrical power required for things like extra lighting, food prep, and sound systems. Ask your wedding planner for recommended generator rental companies who can provide the power sources necessary to support your backyard wedding venue. 

Backyard wedding checklist for rentals

  • Ceremony chairs and decor
  • Reception tent, chairs, and tables
  • Cocktail, serving, and dessert tables
  • Gift and guest book tables
  • Bar and barware
  • Linens, place settings, and centerpieces
  • Dance floor
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Food prep and storage equipment
  • Power generators
  • Portable restrooms
  • Waste and recycling bins

Decorate: Ideas for a small backyard wedding

A tented reception

As mentioned above, tents can be a great way to separate spaces in your backyard wedding venue floor plan, providing a dedicated space for the reception that is unique from your ceremony. Plus, the additional structure will let you hang decor and florals where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

String lights

This backyard decor option is a classic for a reason. Adding both light and ambiance to your space, these easy lighting options can be hung from fences, trees, porches, or your rental tent to create a cozy atmosphere for your backyard wedding.

Thrifted furnishings

Both cost-effective and full of character, thrifted items will add a unique twist to any backyard wedding venue, all while incorporating the sentimental feeling of home. Search your local thrift stores or vintage stores for things like Persian rugs, unique lounge items, or colorful dining ware to spice up your tablescapes.

Make your backyard wedding timeline

Tips for making your backyard wedding timeline

Timelines for backyard weddings can be much more streamlined compared to those hosted at dedicated wedding venues, or weddings with multiple locations. Since it’s all happening at one location, you won’t need to allocate much time for transitions. 

Your backyard wedding timeline will not only need to consider natural lighting, but local noise ordinances too. Many local areas forbid high noise levels after evening hours, so be mindful that your backyard wedding timeline begins early enough so you have plenty of time to dance to your heart’s content. 

Sample backyard wedding timeline for photography

[insert sample photography timeline for backyard weddings]

Using this backyard wedding checklist for your event?

As wedding photographers in New Jersey, we love the creativity and sentiment that contributes to a backyard wedding. Get in touch and we’ll provide insight into what needs to be considered for your backyard wedding checklist.

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