Yacht Weddings In New York: What To Know

yacht weddings in pier 13 hoboken NJ

There is something so special about waterfront views as the backdrop for the most anticipated day of your life. But that unique feeling is only stronger when surrounded by waters, immersed in the serene setting of stretching water and unmatched city views.

Yacht weddings in New York combine the charm of nautical scenery with the style of cosmopolitan luxury. If you ask us as wedding photographers in New Jersey and New York, there truly is nothing else like it. So let us walk you through everything you need to know about getting married on a boat. 

Luxury yacht weddings: The best parts about getting married on a boat

We have captured several yacht weddings in New York and the surrounding areas, and we have to say it’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Luxury boat weddings have become some of our favorites to document for their beauty, yes, but for many practical reasons too!

Yacht wedding venues: the all-in-one venue

With a yacht wedding venue, from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception, your entire wedding can be hosted on board the ship. This makes planning the logistics and timelines for your wedding all smooth sailing. You’ll seamlessly transition throughout every stage of the day, without having to worry about transportation or transitioning from venue to venue.

Luxury yacht weddings have endless views

Just imagine a ceremony surrounded by the open air of the surrounding water, complete with a gentle breeze adding subtle movement to everything around you on the top deck. Then, seamlessly transitioning to a refreshing cocktail hour backdropped by the setting sun. But the views won’t stop with your wedding reception on the yacht in the spaces below deck with endless natural light pouring in from the windows. 

All-inclusive options

Many yacht and boat wedding venues also offer all-inclusive options. Not only offering a one-of-a-kind setting, but also providing catering, transportation, decor, and bar service. And some even come with a built-in officiant, where the captain can marry you on the very vessel they command.

Why you will love yacht weddings in New York

Floating through the Hudson River and backdropped by one of the most iconic cities in the world, yacht weddings in New York create an immersive atmosphere for you and your guests that can’t be found anywhere else. The nearby cities of Hoboken and Jersey City not only offer superb waterfront views, but serve as the ideal docking location for yacht weddings in New York, away from the tourist-packed ports in the city. 

Boat wedding venues in New York for every wedding

But before you book your wedding on a yacht, line up your guest list with the boat’s capacity. While most weddings won’t need to occupy an entire cruise ship, you don’t want to be stuck on a dinghy either. Luckily we have yacht wedding venue recommendations for guest lists of every size. 


Setting off from Hoboken, this boat is ideal for small yacht weddings in New York. Coming in at 90’ in length, the Sundancer can host 60 guests for a seated reception, but up to 100 for a cocktail-style affair. With a full-service bar, a formal dining room setting, an on-board chef, and a private suite, getting married on this boat would feel both cozy, and luxurious. 


This mid-sized boat wedding venue departs from Jersey City and boasts two indoor decks with panoramic views. Additionally, you’ll love the views from both the observation deck on the third level and the open-air deck at the top. Seating up to 225 guests for a formal dining reception and three bars, the Destiny yacht is a grand space for medium to large-sized weddings. 


Deserving of its namesake, the Majesty is the largest yacht wedding venue in New York coming in at 210’ for a total of 30,000 square feet. Featuring five dining rooms, five full-service bars, and a glass-enclosed elevator, this luxury yacht for weddings is a spectacular sight for an event of up to 1200 people. Departing from Hoboken, your wedding on a yacht as extravagant as the Majesty will be unforgettable.

Want to capture your yacht wedding in New York?

Getting married on a boat is one of the most unique yet serene ways to begin your life together. And as wedding photographers in New Jersey and New York, luxury yacht weddings are some of our favorite to capture. If you’re dreaming about a wedding on a yacht, send us a note and we’ll set sail on a dreamy event.

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