Quinceañera / Sweet 15 Photography in New Jersey

Honoring the transition into adulthood, millions of Hispanic girls around the world rejoice in the famous celebration of a Quinceañera. Quince,” meaning “fifteen,” was brought into light in the 1500s as Hispanic cultures believed that once a girl had turned 15 years old she was now deemed as a woman and ready to commence the next chapters of adult life . 

As you embark on the exciting celebration of a Quinceañera or sweet 15, a shower of delicious food, latin music, beautiful clothing, and cultural traditions surrounds the night.It has become tradition that Quincenera celebrations begin in a religious setting in which the quinceanera (birthday girl) attends mass reception with fourteen of her closest friends. Seven being female friends  damas, and seven male friends, or chambelanes. The circle is composed of fourteen friends to commemorate the fourteen years of her life. During the reception the quinceanera recites religious vows and commits herself to God. Her parents also speak insightful words to their daughter and the priest blesses the quinceanera. Upon the ending of the reception the celebration begins.

Quinceañera / Sweet 15 Photography in Dover, NJ

Backyard Quinceañera / Sweet 15 in Dover, New Jersey

Quinceañera / Sweet 15 Photography in Princeton, NJ

Mexican Quinceanera / Sweet 15 photoshoot in Princeton, NJ

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